Circumferential Seam Welding-Rotaweld

The Rotaweld by Schnelldorfer Maschinenbau is a precision engineered circumferential seam welding machine. Positional accuracy is critically important in circumferential welding. The Rotaweld achieves this with Servo controlled encoder based movement systems.

The Rotaweld can be tailored to match your specific circumferential welding needs. Even adding dual torches for welding of headstock and tailstock joints simultaneously.

Machine Optional extra’s:

  • Chuck mounted to tailstock
  • Copper tooling/part holders. Custom design
  • Custom designed trailing gas shields
  • Servo controlled motorised torch movement X and Z direction
  • Torch angle swivel rotation
  • Arc ray protection screen
  • Pneumatic tailstock
  • Cold wire feed
  • Dual welding torch operation