RME motorised 3 Roll machine

The RME is a 3 roll motorised tube rolling machine. The upper and lower rolls are driven by a single stage motor controlled by a forward and reverse foot pedal. The upper roller has a quick release swing function allowing easy removal of the finished part.

The SME has a good selection of optional special features making it a highly customizable machine.

Standard Features:

  • Quick release upper roll with swing out function 
  • Bottom roll easily adjustable.
  • Adjustable back roll with screw handle and mechanical gauge
  • Motor driven with gearbox and motor brake.
  • Sturdy sub frame

Special equipment: 

  • Infinitely adjustable variable motor drive
  • Three roller drive
  • Folding slot in the upper roll
  • Wire core groove
  • Special rolls (hardened, tempered, ground, rubberised)
  • Lateral stop for conical rounding
  • Support plate with lateral stop
  • Pre-bending 4th roll with SPS and automatic program sequence
  • Motorised back roll for in-feed of material