Corner Welding Machine-Cornerweld Nimblesafe

Corner welding machine Conerweld Nimblesafe

The most adaptable and flexible Cornerweld machine in the Schnelldorfer range. The Nimblesafe benefits from quick change tooling pieces enabling fast changes between production parts. The unique component clamping system presents an open aspect to the operator, making the machine quick, easy and safe to use.

The corner welding machine Nimblesafe has a corner weld length of 100mm. The machine can be configured to weld many material types including, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Galvanised and Aluminium.

Segmented backing blocks allow the machine to accommodate boxes and enclosures with inward return flanges. Optional extras such as extended height clamping finger sets allow welding of parts with outward flanges.

Optional extras:

  • Extended height clamping finger set
  • Outer protection tool for front surface
  • Torch shift movement X direction
  • Special design backing blocks
  • Welding program memory
  • Extended machine body height blocks (for large enclosures)
  • Bar code scanner for production part organisation
  • Router for remote diagnostics