Tube Rolling Machine-RBA Automatic 4 Roll

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The tube rolling machine, model RBA is the Prinzing Maschinenbau Hi-End rolling machine. With excellent accuracy and speed the RBA excels in complex manufacturing setups. The RBA covers both scenarios, manual loading/unloading and complete integration into a fully automatic tube production line. Using the modern SPS control system the RBA can store many different part programs and can handle all automation communication with other manufacturers machines.

The RBA is a four roll design automatic tube rolling machine with positional movement controlled by an infinitely variable servo motor. Sheet feeding, bending angle and sheet tension are all maintained using motors. Machine setup and automatic sequence control are all programmed through the SPS Touch screen HMI (Human Machine Interface) control system.

Machine Features:

  • Four roll design with high-strength rolls
  • Motor driven roll positioning system with infinitely variable servo drive
  • Pneumatically controlled sheet metal stop and bearing cap
  • SPS touch screen HMI control system
  • Power failure program and password protection
  • Individual program settings for various tube profiles
  • Good machine serviceability and compact design