Corner Welding Machine-Cornerweld 300/500

Corner seam welding machine Cornerweld 300/500

Schnelldorfer’s flagship cornerweld machine. Bursting with innovative features. This impressive machine welds electrical enclosures, stainless steel kitchens and many more products without the need for costly grinding and polishing.

Corner seam welding machine Features:

  • Touch screen HMI with optional weld programme storage
  • Shielding gas system (torch trailing, backing block and underside of clamping fingers)
  • Independant finger shield gas On/Off switches
  • Operator remote tripod
  • Torch tilt for outward flange type parts
  • Torch shift sideways
  • Mandrel pneumatic lower and raise system
  • Slide locking clamping bed system
  • Pneumatic torch Z raise and lower
  • Removable clamping fingers and segmented backing blocks for inward and outward flanges.